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I recently had the distinct pleasure of officially being sworn in as the new Chairperson for the Ward 7 Democrats organization. I am deeply honored for this opportunity to serve you in my new capacity and I look forward to our journey together. I commit to upholding the legacy of the Democratic party right here in our Ward and to chartering a new pathway for our future leaders.

The recent 2021 Ward 7 Democrat special election resulted in a 45 percent voter turnout increase as compared to the previous election. I applaud the 564 residents who participated and I look forward to working with each and every one of you to continue the momentum and build even more engagement. I would also like to recognize the “7 for 7” and “Vision 7” slates for the time, effort, and energy that they spent over the past six weeks. This campaign highlighted the deep passion to serve throughout the entire Ward and I look forward to working with all Democratic stakeholders who share our vision to advance and restore our Ward to the political powerhouse we once were.

Please join us for our inaugural Ward 7 Democrats Public Meeting on Saturday, April 24, 2021, from 10 am to 12 pm. During the meeting, we will swear in your new officers, present our “First 100-Day Plan” and provide an overview of our vision for the organization.

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  • Meeting ID: 837 6347 8413
  • Password: 032721

A Ward divided, is NOT a Ward at all – but together, We Are Ward 7! We look forward to working with you for the advancement of our party and our home.

Wendell Felder

Chair, Ward 7 Democrats

Monthly Meetings
Monthly Meetings


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2018 Election Results
Read the DC Primary & General Election Results for 2018
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